Why Quest Diagnostics?

When treating patients with complex or chronic infections, comprehensive testing capabilities, convenient specimen collection options, and extensive support are vital. With tests and screens for resistant organisms and newly-emerging strains of TB and other dangerous pathogens, our innovative tests and extensive services enable you to provide the best care possible. Improved testing options and services can help increase detection in patients who might otherwise go undiagnosed.

Male doctor sitting and talking with female patient

Tests and screens for resistant organisms and newly-emerging strains of dangerous pathogens.

Our infectious disease test menu is comprehensive and innovative.

Educational Resources

Visit our Educational Center for timely Infectious Diseases presentations and access to expert insights from our Medical and Scientific Team of approximately 900 MDs and PhDs who are also available for professional consultations about test selection and rare or complex testing.

Ensuring Patient Compliance

With chronic infections, diagnosis is only the beginning. Our extensive network of integrated services is designed to help you monitor your patients with chronic infections. We also offer email reminders of upcoming recommended tests to help ensure your patients get the tests they need, easy mobile, online and phone appointment scheduling and approximately 2,000 Patient Service Centers in communities across the country.