Hepatitis C physician resources

Whether you have questions about Hepatitis C screening, screening for specific therapies, or response-guided therapy, you’ll find expert answers and advice here, across the entire Hepatitis C care continuum. The links below take you to articles and live presentations covering both primary and specialty care topics. You may also contact one of our medical or technical directors.

Hepatitis C: The Revolution Has Begun


Hepatitis C: The Revolution has Begun!

Bruce Bacon, MD of Saint Louis University School of Medicine explains the importance of Hepatitis C screening, the new guidelines and describes the significant changes to treatment and their important impact on patient care. 

HCV Update for the Primary Care Provider


Hepatitis C: What the Primary Care Provider Needs to Know

Paul E. Sax, MD, explains the indications and rationale for Hepatitis C testing, how to conduct a baseline clinical and laboratory evaluation and offers an overview of rapidly changing Hepatitis C treatment options.  

Fighting a Growing Epidemic: Screening For and Treating HCV Infection


Fighting a Growing Epidemic: Screening for and Treating HCV

Nancy Reau, MD, discusses the growing epidemic of Hepatitis C infection in the U.S., including the recommendation that all people born between the years 1945-1965 be screened, appropriate diagnostic workups, and recommendations regarding patient counseling and treatment options.  

Laboratory Testing in the Treatment of HCV: New Drugs, New Tests, New Rules


Laboratory Testing in the Treatment of HCV: New Drugs, New Tests, New Rules

Douglas T. Dieterich, MD, discusses current guidelines and recommended strategies for treating patients with chronic Hepatitis C viral infection, including new protease inhibitors and response-guided therapy, Hepatitis C viral RNA assays, IL28B genotyping and resistance testing. 

Dr. Paul Sax

Hepatitis C – The Primary Care Physician’s Role in Reducing the Epidemic’s Impact

Dr. Paul Sax, Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Disease, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, discusses the critical role of primary care physicians in identifying those infected with Hepatitis C and reducing the burden of chronic liver disease through timely intervention. 

HCV Screening video image

HCV Screening

Dr. Pearlman describes the target population most recommended for HCV screening by the CDC and USPSTF, and explains the high prevalence and impact of HCV among baby boomers.

He also discusses the algorithm for testing for HCV and the interpretation of results.

At the conclusion of this video, participants will be able to:

• Define the benefits of screening for HCV especially for at-risk populations like baby boomers
• Understand the test algorithm for HCV
• Interpret results for HCV testing

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