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Patient adherence and compliance are critical, no matter what the condition. But for diabetes in particular, the impact can be significant because patients play such a large role in the management of their disease. Improved adherence is associated with greater glycemic control, decreased hospitalization, and decreased utilization of healthcare services.1 Fortunately, educating patients about diabetes management and providing them with tools to manage it can make a real impact.2

We offer an array of simple and effective tools to help your patients stay organized and motivated so they can keep up with the many demands of diabetes. Whether it’s making and remembering doctors’ appointments, staying on top of their medication, or getting routine tests done on time, Quest Diagnostics has tools that will help:

  • MyQuest patient portal and app—a convenient way for patients to view, access, and securely share health information, as well as monitor weight and body mass
  • Diabetes Prevention Program—Quest supports the AMA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their efforts to put patients on the right path (
  • Quest Chronic Care Management Services— helps physicians manage Medicare patients, 65 years and older, with 2 or more chronic conditions between office visits.

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