QNatal® Advanced Noninvasive Prenatal Screening Insurance Coverage

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Quest is pleased to be an in-network provider for many health plans, increasing your access to QNatal Advanced noninvasive prenatal screening.


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Did you know?

  • When covered by insurance, 76% of patients paid less than $99
  • Individual health plan benefits vary greatly. Patient responsibility is based on her individual plan agreement and time of year

While noninvasive prenatal screening is frequently covered by insurance, your patient should contact her health insurance plan to obtain specific details about individual plan benefits and coverage. To guide her through the process of verifying coverage with her insurance company, we have created a downloadable checklist.

Download Health Insurance Coverage Checklist

To learn about other financial options that may be available to help your patient access QNatal Advanced noninvasive prenatal screening, you can download this brochure.

Download QNatal® Advanced Financial Options Brochure

If you would like to learn more about in-network health plan coverage in your area, visit our Health Plan Lookup tool.