Why expanded carrier screening

Because any patient can be a carrier of a severe genetic disorder, ACOG, ACMG, and Jewish advocacy groups are recognizing the importance of genetic testing in family planning.

The power of next-generation sequencing

QHerit combines next-generation sequencing (NGS) with a growing genomics database and includes tests recommended by guidelines and advocacy groups.

Accurate and efficient
QHerit screening is reliable and convenient

QHerit offers highly-accurate sensitivity and specificity, providing the insights you and your patients need to help make informed decisions.

Convenient for your patients and for you

QHerit is supported by a network of MDs and other medical professionals for test and results consultation, and patients can conveniently visit any one of our 2,200 Patient Service Centers across the U.S. for testing.

Helping your patients plan their families’ futures
Planning for your family's future

Download our free patient brochure and help your patients learn more about how QHerit from Quest Diagnostics can help them make more informed decisions.

MyQuest™ Patient Portal
Access your health anywhere anytime

With MyQuest, patients can get their test results anytime, anywhere on their computer, smartphone, or tablet, making it easier to manage and securely share information with you and other healthcare providers.